I am very happy and proud to be a part of this glorious industry that has completely reinvented itself in 30 years. In this industry, I have learned and grown every day. I have worked with stalwarts, learned from veterans and earned the respect & love of my customers. Today I am absolutely delighted to have started on another new venture with The Dream Skin Team, especially alongside our senior members like Indra Ahluwalia & Nirmal Randhawa. In this journey, we have given our contribution in taking the beauty industry from “good to great". Over the years, I have become a mentor to my colleagues and giving a great start to the young Dream Skin Team. The idea of conversing with the Dream Skin Team & International Beauty Academy gives us the encouragement of moving ahead and transforming not just our brand but the industry too. On these same principles & values of innovation and transformation, we have moved forward from O3+ 'Reinvent Your Skin' to O3+ 'Skin Solutions', redefining and transforming our services and products.