Every bride-to-be hopes for glowing gorgeous skin on her big day. but when you’re O3+ Celebrity Skin Expert Meetah Thakkars daughter, you have to bring your A-game on your wedding day. Rihaa Thakkar, daughter of O3+ Celebrity Skin Expert Meetah Thakkar knew her skin needed to sparkle on her wedding day. With access to the very best products, Rihaa made sure to have a top notch regimen to get her skin radiant. Here, the exact picks she used and why you might want to consider adding this to your cart ASAP, even if there’s not a big day on the horizon. Luckily for you, we’ve curated a similar regimen, The O3+ Bridal Glow Expert Kit, so you can get your glow on. Better yet, this special edition regimen is at a introductory price for a limited time while supplies last. Get yours now and find out why these essentials made it to Rihaa's coveted shelf and should be included in yours, too.


Cleansing skin properly sets the foundation for clean pores. First, using an oil based cleanser helps dissolve makeup and sebum without stripping skin. This seaweed mineral based non-comedogenic gel (Seaweed Cleansing gel) is a perfect pick since it’ll help keep blemishes at bay.


For a fresh faced glow, you’ll want to refine skin with an exfoliator. “It’s vital to get rid of dead skin cells that can cause overall tone to look dull when this is one day where you really want to look as radiant as can be,” says Rihaa. Unlike scrubs that are made up of harsh particles and nuts, this formula from O3+ (O3+ Milk Scrub) is super gentle. “It uses micro celluose fibers and macadamia extracts that grab onto dry flakes, patches and pore clogging debris in a simple rolling motion,” says Rihaa. She adds, “it’s super satisfying to see first hand what comes off of your skin and it preps it even further to absorb more hydration.” After cleansing, use a dime sized amount of product and softly massage into skin. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll begin to see debris build up. Rinse with cool water and follow with toner.


The addition of oxygen helps quell inflammation while anti-bacterial ingredients balances sebum. Follow with a water based tonic, Rihaa loves O3+ Radiant Tonic Spray. “This tonic can also be refrigerated and used when cool, Rihaa adds. A low pH formula, “doesn’t disturb the skin’s natural moisture barrie,” says Rihaa.


This lightweight supercharged serum ( O3+ Radiant Serum) is like the ultimate Maid of Honor, it’ll unclog pores while oxygenating skin, and make sure your skin doesn’t have flare ups, calms down any potential irritants and gets your skin in optimal condition. “It’s like insurance that you won’t have any issues before the big day,” says Rihaa. Anti-inflammatory niacinamide strengthens the skin barrier so it’s more resilient while squalane hydrates and plumps. Use gentle upward strokes to apply a pumpful of product over skin, focusing on areas prone to fine lines like the eyes, mouth and forehead.


The O3+ sulfur cooling mask is a highly positively reviewed mask among the top bloggers and promises its claims of cooling & tan removal. This, I would say is the icing on the cake of your bridal skin routine,” says Rihaa. Her tip for using this? Use weekly on sunday, leave on for 15 mins and remove with the a cold wash cloth, you will be amazed with the healthy glow! You may avoid if you have severe acne. Go for O3+ Seaweed Mask in that case.


Hydration helps give skin a smooth canvas and allows for better makeup application. Rihaa relies on O3+ Derma Fresh Moisturiser Its a lightweight nourishing formula that hydrates the skin and helps in maintaining a 24 hr glow. Apply daily after cleansing and wake up to a healthy skin glow!

Bonus Treatment

If you are stressed about your rigid acne marks, Start applying the O3+ Acnesis serum about 3 months before the big day! Enriched with botanical extracts, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, this serum relieves rigid acne marks slow and also works on fading the post acne marks while whitening the spots.

To further amp up the glow, Rihaa also relied on a little help from her mother, O3+ Celebrity Skin Expert Meetah Thakkar ( trained for O3+ in West Hollywood, Los Angeles). Her treatment of choice? The celebrity favorite, O3+ Diamond Luxary Facial, the 5-step treatment helps to tone and tighten skin while boosting hydration & glow. “I was looking for a gentle facial that didn’t use harsh acids,” says Rihaa. She adds, “I wanted results without irritation and O3+ Diamond facial ensured just the same .” If you can’t make it to see Meetah, you may visit your nearest premium salon and ask for O3+ Bridal and Diamond Luxury Facial.