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Our Vision

“To be no. 1 skin care brand in Asia providing skin solutions direct to customer,taking care of their skin concerns and making people grow in the company.”


O3plus is proud to be Indias No.1 Professional Skin Care company since 2005, catering to professional beauty salons, stylists, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. The company not only deals in professional range of treatments and products but also gives hands on training and education for the same. The purpose of the company is to offer the best quality of ingredients available in the international market.Visage has acquired the highest share in the Indian Professional Skin Care Industry and is founded by Md Vineet Kapur who is a renowned skin care specialist with an international experience of over 2 decades in the industry.


O3+ believes that the well being of the environment is dependent upon the well-being of the people comprising it. As a corporate, we have a responsibility to respect the World for the sustainability and well being of the future generations. Most products are manufactured using the best possible combinations of renewable resources and eco friendly practices. To support this, o3+ has planted thousands of trees specially sown by its workers children around the hills of the Himalayas. We also emphasize on reducing pollution by increasing the efficiency and reducing the wastage. O3+ fully complies to all the norms of the ISO to fulfill the environmental norms. Moreover, O3+ has been using cartons made out of recyclable paper to conserve energy and provide effective in its operation's. Moving towards the social side, we have been donating quarterly to the leading old age homes and orphanages for a good cause. We also hold motivating competitions for our labors children and educate them from time to time to create a sense of belongingness. Recently a "Plant a Tree" contest was held in Himachal Pradesh followed by a Nature Talk. Infect, we at O3+ are passionate animal lovers and donate generously to the Animal NGOS. Not only this, our loving team has adopted orphan dogs to provide them a better home.


O3+ is a passionate animal lover which believes that the development of cosmetic products must avoid the testing on animals. While keeping in contact with the demands of the society, the R&D team at O3+ works day and night to comply with the legal requirements.O3+ has been working towards developing alternative ways for animal testing by consenting human volunteers in the form of Irritation and sensitization tests of the product. Moreover tests are being conducted in test tubes rather than animals to check the sensitivity or irritation of the product.O3+ has always supported the cause of protection of animals and has never followed the cruel methods of animal testing. Moreover, we also ensure that none of the third parties (For ingredients outsources) use or follow any kind of animal testing and even create awareness for this case.We continue to adhere to all the social policies and work towards the greatest possible safety of our consumers and compatibility of our products by the careful selection of ingredients.

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