Beta Hydroxy Acne Wash Cleansing Gel - This cleanser helps in controlling oil and purifying skin.
How to use - Take 2 pumps of the product on the wet face & lightly massage in circular motion for a minute avoiding eye area.Clean it thoroughly.
Benefit - Clears away excess oil without irritating the skin
Purifying AHA/BHA Facial Serum -This serum helps as a sebum regulator.
How to use - Apply as a spot treatment to the problem areas & allow it to be absorbed into the skin.
Benefit - Quickly dries breakout & regulates oil production.


A treatment range for very greasy skin & for those who suffer from seborrhea & acne.

Oily/acne prone.


  • Excessive secretion of oil.
  • Shiny, greasy complexion.
  • Open pores on nose, chin & cheeks.
  • Frequent occurrence of blackhead /whiteheads, pimple & acne.


Chamomile Extract - Has moisturizing, soothing & de-congestive action.

Tea Tree Oil - An anti-septic & antibacterial agent, has calming & soothing properties.

Salicylic Acid - Helps preventing formation of BH/WH, removes dead skin cells.

OrganicSulphur - Avitamin B complex which regulates oil glands.

Panthenol - Normalizes the oil flow & improves skin’s elasticity.

Plant Extract - Has purifying and rejuvenating effect on the skin.