Behind Super Model Adriana Lima's everlasting youth glow!

37 year old, Mother of 2, Brazilian super model Adriana Lima struts her stuff on her 17th Victoria's Secret fashion show, held in Shanghai earlier this month! Sharing the stage with 20 year old models & putting them all to complex, this Brazilian bombshell makes us believe in skincare just a lot more!! O3+ Global Skin Expert, Priti Singh goes behind the scenes to research on this everlasting youth glow, making sure you start investing your skin just about now.

Beauty Mantras are intrinsic and extrinsic and there's a lot more than good genes that go behind it. A regular work out brings out a constant glow and ensures smooth blood circulation that is crucial for a healthy skin. "Working out 45 minutes, 5 days a week beats the early or first signs of skin ageing" says, O3+ Lifestyle expert Shalini Shivvdasani. An 8 hour sleep daily adds to that.

It is rightly said that " You are what you put inside your body". We must incorporate in our diet, 3 portions of protein intake, omega fatty acids and antioxidants such as pulpy orange juice and almonds meanwhile reducing the carb intake. A recent findings tell us mushroom is a very potent antioxidant ,along with the brighter colour fruits and vegetables, says O3+ Global Skin Expert, Priti Singh.

Now let's talk about the extrinsic factors - Moisturise Moisture and Moisturise!! Do you moisturise daily before sleeping? Do you forget to moisturise your neck? Do you forget to pay attention the area around your eyes? We dug deep into this case study, and found that Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Omega 3 &6 ingredients were popular behind Lima's skin. Taking notes from that, We recommend the O3+ Agelock clarifying cleansing gel to be used daily AM & PM. In the morning, follow it up with the O3+ Agelock Multivitamin spf 40 and at night restore with the O3+ Agelock Vitamin C serum and Replenish with the O3+ Agelock Youth Drop Serum. Treating weekly with the O3+Hyaluronic Acid Ultra lite mask helps in enhancing the youth glow.

Using O3+ Eye Circle cream ensures reduced dark circles, finelines and puffiness around the eyes. My day ends with moisturising my face and neck with the O3+ Fair Moist Cream adds O3+ Celebrity Skin Expert, Meetah Thakkar.