The O3+ step by step skincare routine has become renowned for it’s plethora of products and treatments like tonics, serums and ampoules which play integral roles in the regimen. So how do these powerful liquids differ? Here’s your 101:


First and foremost, tonics help balance the pH of skin. Skin’s optimal pH ranges from 4.5-6.2 and it can be thrown off by cleansing. While a low pH cleanser can help reduce this imbalance, even the water you use to rinse away residue can leave skin in a slightly alkaline state. A tonic can help neutralize these effects and keep your skin from becoming too dry or oily after you wash your face. It also serves to remove those last traces of makeup you may have missed with your cleanser. When used after cleansing, Tonics help to promote glowing skin. These lightweight liquids can also often provide a boost of antioxidants, soothing agents, and vital hydration. check a wide rang of tonics


Serums are likely the most well known product category as they’re quite common stateside, as well. Serums tend to be more concentrated in its active ingredients, these emollient gel-like substances often feature heavy-hitting ingredients meant to really target and treat skin issues like dark spots, wrinkles and dullness. Usually, serums are thought to have a more viscous texture then essences. Check a wide range of serums


Ampoules are considered to be more concentrated version of a serum, think of it as a booster shot. They often contain a higher number of active ingredients and are used for a finite amount of time. For example, you may want to use a weekly ampoule pack so you can get big results before a big event or after a major skin crisis. You may often see them in smaller vials or dropper bottles as a little goes a long way here. As there’s no regulation on these terms, keep in mind that the texture can vary from brand to brand. A general rule of thumb is to apply essence, serums and ampoules in order from thinnest to thickest in texture. This allows for the best possible absorption.