Brand Story

O3+ is proud to be India’s No.1 Professional Skin Care Company since 2005. Catering to professional beauty salons, stylists dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. The company not only deals in professional range of treatments and products but also gives hands on training and education for the same. The purpose of the company is to offer the best quality of ingredients available in the international market. Visage has acquired the highest share in the Indian Professional Skin Care Industry and is founded by Md Vineet Kapur who is a renowned skin care specialist with an international experience of over 2 decades in the industry. The brand belongs to Visage Beauty & Health Care Pvt Ltd.

Our Vision

"To be no. 1 skin care brand in Asia providing skin solutions direct to customer, taking care of their skin concerns and making people grow in the company."
30Years of Research 50000Salons Nation Wide 350Miracle Products with proven results 50Independent clinical studies


Our biomedical heritage drives our commitment to rigorous standards. That's why when it comes to product performance and results, we don't say it unless we can substantiate it. We invest significant time and resources toward extensive testing. We are proudly one of the few skincare brands that validate 100% of our finished formulas in independent clinical testing, and we share our results with transparency.

Message from the founder
Why Visage Exist?

  • We believe that our first responsibility is to the skin expert, dermatologist, beauticians, salons, daughters, mothers and all family members who uses our skin solution products.
  • Our product must always be of the highest quality and excellence, with continuous innovation.
  • We must constantly try to reduce the cost of these products & Process. Our orders must be promptly and accurately filled. Our Distributers and dealers must make fair profit.
  • Visage people must have Individual opportunities and reward base on merits.
  • Decentralized = creativity = productivity.