Vitamin C Range


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Avail the Efficacies of Vitamin C With Our Range of O3+ Products

Vitamin C serum benefits your skin in several ways, which has triggered the urge for O3+ to start a specific range of products with this core nutrient. It promotes the production of collagen in your skin and protects it against all forms of sun damage problems. 

Earlier, people were aware of the efficacies associated with Vitamin C serum for skin health. But as of today, O3+ has a lot of Vitamin C skin care products for you to get the best of its long-lasting benefits. 

Before you get your bottle of Vitamin C serum or a Vitamin C cream, you must know the benefits it has to offer you. This is a must if you are having your mind on giving your skin the utmost care it deserves.

What are Vitamin C Skin Care Products?

Vitamin C serum and other products by O3+ direct the absorption of this nutrient by your skin. It is evident that you consume a lot of Vitamin C through your diet, but there is no assurance that it is fulfilling the demands of your skin. Therefore, using a vitamin C facial serum or a vitamin C cream can prove effective for you to rejuvenate your skin.

What are the Benefits of Using Vitamin C Products for Skin Care?

If you were looking for options associated with vitamin C facial serum, vitamin C cream, or any other topical solutions for skin health, then O3+ is the right place for you to count on. There are impeccable benefits associated with vitamin C skin care products that encouraged us to start a dedicated range for it, which includes:

1. Safe to Use for Most of the Skin Types

The Vitamin C facial serum is considered safe to use for people with all skin types. As per tests, it has been proven that people can use vitamin C skin products for a long period of time without any risk of side effects. We have run medical research on the safe level of concentration in vitamin C skincare products to ensure you don’t experience any minor irritations upon applying our products. 

If you are using some other O3+ skin care products that consist of SPF, retinol or alpha hydroxy acids as their core ingredients, the vitamin C skin serum would still work well for you. So, stop waiting and explore our collection to get your vitamin C serum for all skin types at affordable pricing.

2. Helps in Reducing the Hyperpigmentation Effects

Vitamin C facial serum has the capability of helping you fade out the hyperpigmentation from your facial skin. Melasma, age spots or sun spots are some of those hyperpigmentation symptoms that our vitamin C cream or serum can help overcome. 

In case you are dealing with hyperpigmentation acne, you can use our vitamin C for skin care, alongside your other acne treatment products, to speed up the healing process. Studies are being done to determine the efficacy of vitamin C for skin protection from gum hyperpigmentation issues as well.

3. Boosts the Production of Collagen

Collagen is known as the natural protein that is responsible for maintaining the youthful look of your facial skin. Over time, it naturally depletes and gives rise to wrinkles or fine lines. Vitamin C for skin collagen production has been proven effective. As per tests, collagen synthesis isn’t possible without the presence of vitamin C. 

There are dietary solutions available for you to boost your collagen production. But buying the best vitamin C serum just accelerates the outcome! Moreover, vitamin C is the cofactor for enzymes that are required for promoting collagen production for your skin.

4. Reduces Redness and Evens the Skin Tone

If you are buying vitamin C for skin lightening, then you must know it has properties that help you even out your skin tone. Not only that, but it also helps you beat the redness effects on your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Your skin will feel soothed, and the puffiness will be reduced. 

The anti-inflammatory action of vitamin C whitening serum will help neutralize all the free radicals from your skin that might be causing oxidative damage to your skin. Such properties of the Vitamin C skincare serum help provide you with a combination effect by reducing irritation, redness, and dark spots for you to obtain a clear and smooth skin tone.

5. Prevents Your Skin from Being Saggy

Vitamin C serum for the skin helps boost collagen, which is directly related to firmness and elasticity. Beyond fine lines and age spots, reduction in collagen also triggers sagginess of the skin. Using the vitamin C serum for skin whitening works effectively towards increasing the tightening effect of your skin as well. 

It helps you overcome oxidative damage, natural aging, and a lot of other skin-related issues. Your skin will look more toned and firmer, giving you a youthful look. The only condition is you must get the best vitamin C serum for all skin type individuals, which O3+ has under its arsenal.

6. Soothes the Sunburn Patches

Apart from minimizing the redness effects, vitamin C products by O3+ can also help soothe the sunburn patches that might be hampering your facial appeal. It happens because vitamin C boosts the turnover of cells and replaces the damaged cells with new ones. 

When you use a vitamin C facial kit in combination with solutions with vitamin E or other compounds, you will see there’s no injury due to UV irradiation or sunburn patches. Using a vitamin C facial kit in combination with other crucial products will help reduce the inflammation triggered on your skin due to UV exposure.

Different Types of Vitamin C Products Available at O3+

Applying vitamin C to the face is itself a powerful skin regime that should be part of your overall care routine. If you are willing to buy vitamin C serum online from our store due to the recommendations made by your colleagues or family members, then we do have the best range of products to satisfy your needs. But just hold onto your knowledge and explore the other options that O3+ has to offer:

1. Vitamin C Face Cream

Vitamin C for the face is of utmost importance, but the serum is not the only way to apply it topically. You can go with our range of vitamin C creams that serve you with the same benefits for all types of skin adversities. 

The use of vitamin C for skin whitening has been clinically proven upon application of perfectly formulated creams. Following that, this product has shown positive effects in healing wrinkles and signs of aging as well.

2. Vitamin C Face Wash

Replacing your regular face wash with a vitamin C face wash will help add a protective layer to your skin. It will help reverse the adverse effects of the sun when used alongside sun protection creams. 

We undoubtedly sell the best vitamin C serum for your skincare routine. But using a pack of vitamin C face wash for the regular cleansing of your face would just add up to the overall benefits. Check out the available options in our store. 

3. Vitamin C Mask

After tasting the benefits of the best vitamin C serum by O3+, it is time to give your face some added rejuvenation. And a vitamin C mask would do the needful. These masks can help brighten up your skin, give you anti-aging benefits, and enhance skin elasticity. 

The best thing about vitamin C masks is you can use them every day. Dermatologists indeed recommend not using some of the skincare ingredients daily, but vitamin C is not among them. Instead, using vitamin C products would give your skin more nutrients to remain healthy for the long term.