Commitment to Salons

All of O3+ professional grade formulas are made with the highest quality, authentic ingredients. We are equally passionate about our commitment to the integrity of our supply channel and only sell our products through salon professionals, and a small group of carefully vetted retailers including our own website.

With the growing concern of Professional products available online, all our new professional ranges have “Not For Retail Sale” “Not For Home Use” mentioned on the products. This information is given as a part of our Legal Metrology that refrains the whole sale channels and online distributor to sell our products.

We want you to have confidence in our products and, therefore, fight tirelessly to curtail diversion of O3+ Professional Stocks. With your help in fighting diversion, we will uphold the quality of O3+ that experts and women have come to trust. By selling our products in professional salons and through select retail partners, we further take a step towards ensuring that you receive the true O3+ Salon Skincare experience.

Speak to our Salons Team on  09722999623 or +919212031465