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Get healthy-looking rejuvenated skin with an O3+ face mask

The face mask is not just a beauty enhancer for your face, but it also helps cure specific skin problems. Both men and women can use it. Face mask works by holding the moisture and the ingredients in the skin and creating a layer over your skin. This layer works in multiple ways based on the type of ingredients used in the mask. The purposes for which a face mask is used are for exfoliating dull skin, retaining the skin's moisture, giving hydration to the skin, and much more. Thus, a face mask is useful in improving the texture of your skin. O3+ makes you easily available with all types of face packs online.

Types of face masks offered by O3+

A) Cream face masks

O3+ provides you with multiple options in cream face masks. A few are mentioned here:

Seaweed Mask:

This mask improves circulation, detoxifies the skin, and with its whitening property, removes the tan from your skin. These lead to giving you brighter, revitalized, and radiant-looking skin. Thus it becomes an ideal mask for you to get glowing skin.

Bright and white mask:

This mask gets instantly absorbed in your skin and penetrates deeper. It works by reducing the melanin that causes pigmentation and also minimizes uneven skin tone. With this mask, you get smoother skin free of dark spots and tan. Thus, you enjoy brighter and hydrated skin giving you a facial glow at home.

B) Peel off masks

Some of the best O3+ peel-off face packs online are as follows:

O3+ D Tan Facial kit with Peel off Mask

This peel-off mask maintains the pH balance of your skin. Along with this, it also maintains the luster and glow of your skin. This mask helps you to get tighter and younger-looking skin.

Whitening Facial Kit With Peel-Off Mask for Dull Skin

This peel-off mask improves the complexion of your skin and gives you a fresher look. It is suitable for all types of skin, whether oily, dry, or combination skin. Peel-off masks are applied by mixing the gel with powder and stirring it well. Then applied to the face and neck. You have to leave this for 15 minutes for it to dry. Finally, you can peel it off now.

C) Facial sheet masks

O3+ has an extensive range of facial sheet masks, some of which are as follows:

Purifying face sheet mask

This sheet mask is supplemented with the nutritions of mint and citrus fruit extracts. It works by clarifying and purifying the skin. This helps in reducing the excess oil and impurities of the skin. Thus, preventing the occurrence of acne in the future. It also reduces sebum which again prevents acne. A purifying face sheet mask is an ideal face sheet mask for oily skin.

Moisture and Glow face sheet mask

This sheet mask is supplemented with hyaluronic acid and shea butter goodness, which gives plum and smoothness to your skin. This helps in boosting the glow of your skin and also improves your skin texture. It is considered to be an ideal face sheet mask for dry skin. It is a unique face mask formulated by Italian dermatologists. Along with brightening your skin, it also enhances the immunity and health of your skin.

Benefits of using O3+ face masks

You enjoy the following benefits of using O3+ face masks:

Hydrates your skin

The ingredients of the face masks, like hyaluronic acid and citrus fruit extracts, help improve the moisture of the skin and give you freshly hydrated skin. Moisture and glow face sheet mask for dry skin is an example of it.

Brighter and toned skin

O3+ face masks promote fresh-looking brighter skin by using ingredients like vitamin C extract. This improves circulation and gives you smoother skin. It also enhances the texture of your skin by giving you toned and tighter skin free of wrinkles. A face sheet mask for glowing skin gives you brighter, radiant skin.

Detoxifying skin

O3+ face masks penetrate deep and remove all the impurities of the skin. It eliminates all the dirt from the pores with the help of ingredients like mint or cranberry and also absorbs extra oil from the skin. Thus your skin is detoxified with deep cleaning, and you get clear, glowing skin protected from acne. Purifying face sheet masks for oily skin is an example of this.

D-tan your skin

O3+ also provides a face mask that helps to remove the tan and all the blemishes from your skin. Thus, you get clear, radiant skin.

Buy an O3+ face pack online to get revitalized skin

Face masks should be made a part of your daily skincare routine. It helps to improve the circulation of your skin and enables you to get rid of many of your skin concerns. Face masks enhance your outer beauty by improving the inner health of your skin. O3+ has an extensive range of face masks available online at reasonable rates. Products are available for all skin types and fulfill all your purposes. These products are all dermatologically tested, so they are safe for the skin. Thus, you can enjoy healthy glowing skin with O3+ face masks without the fear of any harmful effects.


To maintain your skincare routine, following both of these steps are necessary. However, it also depends on your skin type. We recommend you try the O3+ Best-selling trio for Deep cleanses, Tan Removal, and hydration to the innermost layers of your skin to prevent acne-causing bacteria.

Yes, you can apply a face pack before a face mask for deep cleanses and instant hydration.

Applying ice after the pack is one of the traditional acne-prone regimes to prevent acne and pigmentation.

No. Never use soap after applying the face pack it would damage your skin cells.

Face pack usually took a long time to get dry. Apply it in the morning for proper dryness and receive higher skin benefits.

If you have a normal skin type, we recommend you to use it once a month, however people with oily skin, apply it once in 15 days.

No. Washing your face after a face mask would not only removes the serum but also cause unnecessary dehydration on your face.