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The Ultimate hair removal solution for men and women at O3+

Want to get rid of unwanted body hair quickly and easily? O3+ has the perfect solution with our range of hair removal creams. Suitable for both men and women, these hair removal products are formulated with natural ingredients that provide long-lasting results without the hassle of multiple treatments. With our best hair removal cream men and women can now enjoy the benefits of smooth and soft skin without having to deal with painful waxing or expensive laser treatments.

What to look for when buying a hair removal cream?

Consider these things before choosing a hair removal product: 

Skin type: If you have dry skin, you should look for a cream that has moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, or olive oil. For those with sensitive skin, you should look for natural or herbal creams that are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial with natural extracts such as green tea or aloe vera extracts. O3+ liposoluble wax is most suitable for sensitive skin, it does not cause any rash, irritation, or ingrown hairs and soothes the skin. 

The body part where it is to be used: You should not use regular hair removal creams on the bikini line or your face, as they can cause irritation. 

Ingredients: You should look for a hair removal cream with natural ingredients. O3+ liposoluble wax is loaded with natural ingredients that also have therapeutic properties and are the best hair removal cream for men and women. 

Do a patch test on your skin: By doing a patch test, you can ensure that the hair removal cream does not cause any allergic reaction to your skin.

Silky smooth skin is easy with these two options

Hair removal creams: Depilatory creams, which are also known as depilatories or hair removal creams, have chemical substances to dissolve the hair rather than using physical force to remove it. There are hair removal creams for men and hair removal creams for women, and they are relatively easy to use, especially for beginners. This method works by applying hair removal cream to an area, then waiting for 5-10 or 10-15 minutes (depending on the hair thickness) for it to break down the hair, and then removing the hair using a plastic scraper or towel. The results of the best hair removal creams last longer than shaving in most cases but less than waxing and can keep the hair growth away for up to a week. A lot of brands have come up with hair removal creams for women and men, so try a few of them if you are a novice and choose the best one.

Waxing: In waxing, the hair is removed from the root, and this method involves the application of warm wax over an area and then removing it using a piece of cloth or paper along with your unwanted hair. Your hair won't grow back for up to 4 weeks, and it is a long-lasting hair removal procedure. After waxing, your hair will not grow back stubble, but for this, you will have to endure a few seconds of pain. The growth of hair will be finer, slower, and less obvious, and it will make your skin feel silky and smooth. Waxing can be done at home or with the help of a professional also. Hair from large areas can be removed easily with the help of waxing. There are different types of waxes, such as warm, soft wax, cold soft wax, warm hard wax, sugar wax, pre-made wax strips, fruit wax, chocolate wax, etc., and you can choose according to your convenience.

Why you should choose O3+ hair removal creams or wax

Painless: O3+ hair removal creams are made of liposoluble wax. A liposoluble wax holds a creamy firmness and is less sticky than traditional honey wax, which makes the removal of hair pain-free. 

Removes tan: O3+ vitamin C sea salt liposoluble wax and O3+ de-tan wax are enriched with ingredients that remove the tan efficiently and visibly brighten the skin after every session. 

Reduce ingrown hair: The wax has a creamy texture which spreads evenly on the skin and reduces ingrown hair. 

Therapeutic & Spreads easily: O3+ liposoluble wax is made of natural and mild ingredients that have therapeutic properties and a creamy texture that spreads evenly on a wider surface area of the skin. 

No fuss: Unlike traditional hot waxes, O3+ liposoluble wax is a kind of soft wax that liquefies at room temperature, spreads easily, and reduces the hassle to a great extent. 

Removes even the coarsest of hair: It removes even the thickest of hairs from their root and ensures painless removal of hairs. 

Suitable for sensitive skin: Because O3+ liposoluble wax is made of mild ingredients that also have therapeutic properties and remove hair without causing any rash, burn, or ingrown hair, it is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Get smooth skin with O3+'s best hair removal products

O3+ Vitamin C sea salt liposoluble wax: This is the best hair removal cream or wax, which also has therapeutic properties. The sea salt makes your skin soft and smooth after every application, and its liposoluble wax ensures the painless removal of hair and removes tan. It easily removes thick and coarse hair, which is why it is the best hair removal cream for men and women. It contains natural ingredients that are mild on the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. This is the best hair removal cream online as it reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, is colophony-free, and can spread easily over a wider surface of the skin. 

D-tan liposoluble wax: It is a hair removal cream or wax with therapeutic properties that is enriched with the goodness of white chocolate, which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, and its liposoluble wax ensures painless hair removal. It contains ingredients that are mild on the skin, natural, suitable for sensitive skin, reduce the risk of ingrown hair, and is the best hair removal cream for women and men. It even removes the thickest of hair while reducing tan, and the skin feels silky smooth after every application.


Hairy face, hands, and legs look unattractive to girls. Try vitamin sea salt Liposoluble Wax for salon-like soft and smooth skin.

Facial hair is one of the most common girls’ faces nowadays. Use products that do not cause harm to your skin and make it looks gently healthy. Try Meladerm Vitamin C bleach to effortlessly remove your facial hair.

It is suggested to not go with waxing and bleach if you have acne skin. Instead, try threading for better results.

Yes. It does not cause any harm to your skin unless you don’t have any skin disease.

For long-lasting silky, smooth hands. Use Vitamin sea salt Liposoluble Wax that ensures painless hair removal.

For soft and smooth legs. Try D- TAN Liposoluble Wax, enriched with the goodness of white chocolate that helps reduce the risk of ingrown hair.