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Skin Care


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Watch Out for the Best Skin Care Products to Revamp Your Facial Glow!

You might have heard people saying great skin is a result of good DNA. But is it all that matters for you to achieve good skin? Does it mean that poor DNA implies a lifetime of imperfect skin? Well, that’s not entirely true! 

The daily habits you adopt impact a lot on your overall skin health. And that brings you to the wide range of skincare products to revive the lost appeal of your skin. Whether it’s DNA or adverse habits, skin problems can be addressed with the use of the right products or treatment measures. 

Depending on the type of skin care products you opt for and the habits you adopt, there are many options out there for you to keep your skin free from all types of adversities.

Do you want to know how? 

At O3+, we are your personal skincare mates to help you with the best skin products of all time. Depending on your specific skin adversities, we have an adequate product to address them. May it be ageing, dark spots, dryness, fine lines, dullness, or flaking, we have the right set of products to help you revive your glowing skin in the most effective manner possible.

The Five Steps to Attaining Effective Skin Care

All our skin care products are clinically tested to be effective on your specific skin type. But, irrespective of the skincare routine you follow and the products you use, there’s always a five-step process that goes into helping you retain your skin’s health. So, if you want to build your skincare routine with the use of O3+ products, here are the five steps we believe are the foundation to your great look using our best skincare products in India:

1) Cleansing

Cleansing is all about simply cleaning your face before you implement your O3+ skincare routine. It is a basic necessity, as suggested by several dermatologists. Throughout the day, your skin will come across several pollutants in the environment, which include dirt, dust, and others. You must wash them off from your skin gently before applying any of our products. 

Cleansing is recommended twice a day, preferably morning and night. It will help you avoid clogging of the pores, acne, or dullness issues. You must first find the best cleanser to serve the purpose. And O3+ brings you a plethora of options to choose from. Once you are at our skincare section of the site, search for cleansers based on your skin type. 

You will have a list of options based on your skin type and condition. The right formulation will help you cleanse the skin without ripping off the healthy or essential oils from the surface. While using the exfoliating scrubs for cleansing your skin, prefer not to do it regularly. Exfoliation is meant to be done once or twice a week. 

Some of the types of O3+ cleansers that you can add to your daily skincare routine are:

a. Foaming liquid

b. Lotion or cream

c. Oil

d. Melting balm

2) Toners

The next step in every skincare routine should be toning, which acts as a supplement to heal your skin with additional nutrients. These toner products are thin liquids that help your skin absorb the other products better and balance the overall skin complexion. It acts like an additional layer to serve the purpose of skin replenishment for you. 

If some of your skincare products don’t have specific ingredients, the toner can meet those needs for you. Some of the ingredients that you should look for while buying toners from O3+ are:

Alpha and beta Hydroxy Acids

These ingredients serve the purpose of removing dead cells from your skin to prevent them from clogging the pores. Moreover, it also helps in improving the sun damage on your skin and overcoming dullness effects. 

Hyaluronic Acid

It helps boost the hydration level of your skin, treats fine line problems, seals in the dewiness effects, and provides other benefits.

Vitamin C & E

The presence of vitamins C and E in your toner will help you fight off the adversities caused to your skin due to daily exposure to free radicals. Thus, it prevents your skin from ageing. 

Toners are placed in your daily skincare routine after the cleansing step and before anything else that you apply after it. You can simply use some cotton pad to soak it in our O3+ toner solutions and pass it all across your face. But, it would be best if you can use clean hands for applying the same. In this way, you will be getting the most effect by using a small amount of toner. This tip is for you to make your toner last longer!

3) Treating Your Skin with Serums, Creams or Other Skin Care Products

Now is the time for real skin treatment! You will need the best skin care products to help you in this step. Serums, creams, gels, and other skin care products for women are available on demand in our O3+ store. Depending on your skin type and condition, we have listed the benefits of each product at our store. 

You must pick the one that goes well with your skin problems. Our skin products are like elixirs to your specific issues. May it be wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, or anything else, there are products to attend to your skin treatment needs after you are done with the first two steps. You don’t have to be suffering from any skin problem to be able to apply our products. 

Instead, you can avail yourself of the best skin care products from our store to attain preventative care. Earlier, if you were confused about what products would help you the best in terms of skin treatment, here are some categories of O3+ for you to count on:

a. Facial Kit

b. Masks & Face Packs

c. Face Serum

d. Eye Care

e. Sun Protection

f. Vitamin C Range, etc. 

Not just these, but there are skin care combo packs available for you to get an all-round skin treatment. Finding the best skin products for your diverse conditions has been made easier with O3+. 

4) Moisturizing

The final step in the daily skincare routine for glowing skin is moisturizing. The primary function of O3+ moisturizer is to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Water loss, especially concerning skin care for dry skin, isn’t acceptable for a good care routine. Therefore, moisturizers are recommended as an integral part of the daily skincare routine for glowing skin

Relying upon a moisturizer helps you complement the natural oils on your skin and heals the deformities. A moisturizer is one of the skin cream, gel, or lotion products that dermatologists recommend people use all year round, irrespective of the type of skin they have. 

As you age, the skin will lose its ability to retain moisture by itself. Therefore, using moisturizer helps you retain that moisture and maintain the glow of your skin.

5) Use Sun Protection

O3+ provides you with sun protection solutions to keep your skin safe from the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. Even though you are using the right routine and have healed your problems with ideal solutions, preventative care is still important. If you have to head out for work every day under the scorching sun, use the sun protection skin cream by O3+

It is one of the most crucial skin cream products of all time that you should use all year long. Don’t just count on these creams during the summer, as UV damage happens consistently to your skin throughout the year. So, keep yourself protected, without which your other skin care efforts might go in vain!

What’s Best About O3+ that Makes it the Go-To Brand to Get Skin Care Products for Women?

O3+ is probably the best brand with skin care products for women, ranging in terms of all-round care. Starting from face washes to serums and sheet masks to bleach & peels, there is every option you can ever demand! 

Not only that, but we have products categorised concerning your specific skin conditions as well. Whether you have pigmentation, acne, hydration, tan & dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, or other such problems, we have tailored the skin care products list to help you find the right solution for them. 

Continuing to the scope of preparing a skin care products list, we have also categorised our O3+ offerings with respect to your skin types. Whether you are looking for dry skin products, sensitive skin products, or want to settle with skin care for normal skin, we have ideal options for all. 

Find our dedicated section over the site, where we offer you skincare products for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, ageing skin, and normal skin. You are just one click away from seeing the available O3+ options that correlate with your skin problems.

O3+ skin care solutions are tested at labs to determine their efficacies. No toxins or harmful chemicals are used in the making of these. Therefore, irrespective of the skin hassles you come across, we have the best skin care products in India for you to count on. 

Explore our collection as listed above, or filter out the categories to sort down the list for an easy search. In the end, you will have all the necessary products in your skincare collection that will satisfy your healthy routine. 

Best Skincare Products Online

O3+ Bridal Facial Kit: 

The O3+ Bridal Facial Kit is a comple­te skincare solution that aims to enhance your natural bridal glow. With its luxurious formulation, this kit provides a comprehensive­ regimen to achieve radiant and flawless skin on your special day.

O3+ Dtan Face Pack:

The O3+ Dtan Face­ Pack is a true lifesaver for your skin. It works wonde­rs in fighting against stubborn tan and dullness, giving you a radiant and revitalized comple­xion. Bid farewell to sun-induced tanning as this re­juvenating face pack will leave your skin feeling refre­shed and renewe­d.

O3+ Serums:

O3+ serums are an essential part of any skincare routine­. These powerful formulas effectively target a range of skin concerns, including hydration and anti-ageing. They dee­ply penetrate the skin to deliver visible and impre­ssive results. Enhance your skincare­ regimen with O3+ serums.

O3+ Facial Kits:

Experie­nce the bliss of radiant, healthy skin with O3+ facial kits. De­signed to cater to specific skincare­ needs, these kits offer a comprehensive­ regimen that cleanse­s, exfoliates, and nourishes your skin. Discove­r and unlock your full skincare potential with O3+ facial kits.

O3+ Face wash:

Experie­nce the ultimate cle­ansing with O3+ face washes. Designe­d with powerful ingredients, the­y delicately purify, exfoliate­, and revitalize your skin, unveiling a radiant and re­freshed complexion. Enhance­ your daily skincare regimen by adding O3+ face­ wash to achieve a healthy glow.

O3+ Day and Night Creams:

Take care of your skin 24/7 with O3+ day and night creams. These rich formulas provide nourishment, hydration, and rejuvenation to give you a radiant and youthful complexion all day and night.