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How to Increase Hair Volume?

How to Increase Hair Volume?

Who does not want a voluminous mane and long locks of hair? Your hair volume is an indication of how healthy your hair is. If you are taking care of your hair and investing in a good hair care routine, your hair will remain voluminous and shiny for a long time. You should try to conserve the natural volume of your hair with your diet and other choices. 

In India, we also have many hair growth tips at home that will help speed up your hair growth. Along with these tips, you also need good hair care products like shampoo, serum and oil, which can nourish your hair and increase hair volume. If you take good care of your hair, it will look like the most luscious and long tresses.

Increase hair volume with good habits 

In this section, we will talk about the changes you need to make in your daily routine to get more volume in your hair. These habits will help you create more thickness and full length in your hair. 

Improve your diet 

Before we suggest any kind of product to increase your hair volume, we will first ask you to improve your diet and eating habits. Your hair is actually dead, but your hair follicles are alive. Therefore, they need nourishment as part of their body. To provide your hair with the nourishment it deserves, you need to change your diet. Include foods that are good for your hair in your diet. For example, you should eat more curry leaves and onions because they strengthen your hair and give you dark hair. 

Another addition that you can make to your diet is biotin supplements. Biotin is a vitamin, and it can support your hair's health, allowing it to grow longer and stronger. Therefore, for good hair and more volume to your tresses, you need to eat supplements that have biotin in them. Go for a good brand of supplement and eat natural sources of biotin. Try eating amla and pomegranate in your daily life. It will strengthen your hair and give it more volume. 

Use a volume-boosting shampoo 

A shampoo is a must-have in your hair care routine. You need to choose a shampoo that suits your hair concerns and helps improve your hair condition. You can choose a volume-boosting shampoo from our range that will leave your hair clean and beautiful. You can use our Quinoakare Deep Recovery Shampoo for hair damage repair and extra volume. No routine on how to add volume to hair is complete without a volume-boosting shampoo. When you want additional volume in your hair, do not forget to properly apply a pre-shampoo treatment. 

Thoroughly cleaning your hair with a volume shampoo after oiling can give it a clean look and set it free from frizz and oily texture. You can experience the beauty of full-volume hair by using our professional hair products. When choosing a damage repair or volume shampoo, also make sure that you are not using a sulphate-added shampoo. Choose a sulphate-free shampoo that does not strip away your hair protein and gives you naturally shiny and voluminous hair. 

Reduce stress levels 

Your daily stress levels can affect the way your hair behaves and looks. A lot of stress can also affect your hair volume and cause hair thinning. If you want to treat your volume concern naturally, then you should reduce the level of stress that you feel. Try to include relaxing activities in your routine and keep your mind calm. You should also try to relax at night and add hair massage to your weekly routine. 

Hair massages can destress your scalp and help your hair grow. You can use something as timeless as coconut hair oil for hair massage. There are also many cooling oils that can reduce your stress and treat headaches. You can also use our Densiderm Scalp spray after or during hair massage to stimulate hair growth and add volume to the hair. Stress reduction is one of the thick hair growth tips to apply to your daily routine. 

Hair oil massage 

You knew about hair massages and how they can reduce stress. When you use herbal and strengthening oils to massage your scalp, you will also be able to reduce the chances of hair breakage and damage. Repairing hair oils made of ayurvedic herbs like amla, curry leaves, coconut and hibiscus can promote hair growth and are the secret of how to increase hair thickness. You need to increase your hair thickness for more volume. 

Nourishing the scalp and taking care of it with beneficial oils can be a good step. Before shampooing your hair, you should apply oil to your hair and leave it for at least an hour or overnight. When oiling the scalp, massage it, and do not over-oil the hair length. You should put oil on the scalp and not the length. After you have massaged oil into the scalp, you should add some oil to the hair tips so there are no split ends. Warming up the oil before applying also helps promote hair growth. 

Use a volumizing spray 

There are some additional products that can add instant volume to the hair. However, on the quest of how to add volume to hair, do not use products that are toxic and harm your hair. 

You should use tried and tested products like our Densiderm Scalp Spray, which gives you an instant boost in volume and also takes care of hair health in the long run. This scalp spray from our Volume Boost collection is made to reduce hair fall and improve the pace of hair growth and regrowth. 


Voluminous hair is healthy hair, and all of us deserve good hair every day. By creating an extensive hair care routine and understanding the nutrition of how to improve hair volume, you can get more volume in your hair. At O3+, we offer long-term solutions that gradually and surely boost your hair volume.
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