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Keratin for Hair: Benefits for Protecting and Smoothing Hair

Keratin for Hair: Benefits for Protecting and Smoothing Hair

Are you tired of handling your frizzy hair? Of course, you are! 

But do you know that there isn’t any hair type entitled as ‘frizzy’. There are only three types of hair which the general audience prefers for categorizing respective hair, which includes curly, wavy or straight. So, if you are forced to describe your hair type as frizzy, it is an indication that your hair is asking for a keratin serum treatment. 

The purpose of keratin hair serum for hair is to strengthen them and enhance the shinier & silkier look. But, if you have a dilemma of whether or not you should get a keratin serum for your hair, this article will highlight certain keratin hair serum benefits. So, read along till the end, and you shall fall in love with the effects that keratin hair serum has to offer. 

What’s Keratin Serum Treatment?

The use of keratin serum for your hair treatment is the process of miraculously straightening your hair. For you to better understand, keratin is a protein that’s naturally found in your hair, which is responsible for maintaining the softness and shine of the hair. But, continual exposure to sunlight, pollution, chemicals and other such influences will reduce the level of this hair protein. 

As a result, your hair will look dry, damaged and dull! With the use of a keratin hair serum, you will be adding more strength to your hair and eradicate the frizziness. With the right hair serum, keratin treatment can also help you straighten your wavy or curly hair type. 

What are the Benefits of Using Keratin Hair Serum?

Some of the benefits associated with the keratin hair serum use for your hair are as follows:

Smoothens Your Hair

The keratin hair serum will nourish the hair, protect it, repair it and prevent future damage. The best hair serum for women and men by O3+ consists of antioxidant-rich ingredients to combine softness, shine and moisture for dry hair. Upon applying the hair serum, you will feel your hair to be highly elastic and flexible. 

Reduces the Frizziness

O3+ brings you different types of keratin serums for all types of hair, helping you remove the frizz by properly hydrating the hair. Moreover, your hair will also get the required strength and moisture for maintaining optimal health. Beyond this, keratin protein will also stimulate the hair follicles to make your hair feel more manageable and softer. 

Damaged Hair Restoration

Upon using keratin hair serum you will be smoothening, detangling and strengthening your hair. Apart from that, you will notice your hair to be shinier, healthier and silkier, which will enhance your overall appeal, and will indicate that you have healthy hair. The use of this serum will make your hair resistant to all forms of damage caused by blow-dryers, chemical treatments, flat irons and environmental exposure. 

Heat Protection 

As part of grooming your hair for multiple occasions throughout life, you will be using several heat tools to obtain the desired hairstyle. For instance, you might be using flat irons or blow drying at the roots to set your hair the way you want. But, without proper hair care, excessive heat might damage your hair in the long run. Therefore, using keratin serum will protect your hair from heat damage. 

Hair Becomes Easily Manageable

People who have thick or frizzy hair might choose keratin serum for the treatment, as it will help them reduce the overall time required for styling the hair. Thus, you can conclude that your hair will be more manageable upon using keratin serum. After applying the serum for quite some time, you will find your hair will dry faster, which will reduce your hair's exposure to the heat of blow dryers. 

Protection from Environmental Damage

When using quality keratin serum products by O3+, you can ensure complete protection from environmental exposure. All you have to do is apply the serum to your hair at all times before you leave the house. It is quite effective when you use it right after shampooing, masking or conditioning your hair, as it will seal the moisture. Thus, you will attain environmental protection! 

How to Apply Keratin Hair Serum?

Here are the steps that you can follow to apply the keratin hair serum at home:

1> Apply a few drops of O3+ keratin serum to your dry or damp hair. If the hair length is more, you can use around 2 to 3 drops.

2> Rub the serum across the palms and then evenly apply it over the hair, starting from the bottom, while running the fingers up.

3> Remember to apply the solution at the tips and ends in specific.

4> Prefer using the keratin serum before you decide on flattening the iron or applying any hair styling product to prevent the split ends. 


Just like you take optimal care of your skin, the same level of attention should be given to your hair as well. And there is no better product than keratin serum for you to restore hair damage and prevent future problems. 

If you are in search of the best hair serum for men or women, O3+ has quality products in stock that you can count on. We bring to you effective formulations at reasonable rates that ensure you will get optimal results.
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