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Dry Sensitive Skin - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Products

Dry Sensitive Skin - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Products

Is Your Skin Dry and Sensitive?

While the range of woes lies from the skin's redness to blisters, many people have no visible traits to identify dry skin. It has been a common belief that dryness and sensitivity vary with the skin tone types over the years. With the abundance of information on the internet, this question is sure to perplex you - Should I or should I not use sensitive skin type products?


What Are the Symptoms of a Sensitive Skin?

  • Redness is one of the most visible sensitive skin signs.
  • As your skin is more reactive to the surrounding, it can sting or burn after exposure to sun, wind, or any makeup or skincare product.
  • Another in the list of sensitive skin symptoms is low tolerance. When you start using a new type or brand of soap or lotion, your skin immediately becomes itchy and dry.
  • Skin sensitivity is also evident through bumps (filled with pus) and flakes on the face.
  • Dark-colored patches on the skin or the presence of rashes also signal skin sensitivity.


What Causes Sensitive Skin?

  • Allergies of various kinds cause skin irritations in the form of itchiness and burning.
  • When the top layer of your skin is irritated by the trigger of the surrounding environment like heat, cold, or pollution, it causes skin sensitivity.
  • With age, skin thickness reduces and makes room for easy entrance of irritants inside your skin.
  • When your immune system is unusually active, it causes readiness, itchiness, and inflammation as a reaction to its combat with the irritants. Thus, your immunity can also be one of the sensitive skin causes.
  • Underlying conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and genetically sensitive skin can cause dryness and sensitivity.


General Tips For Sensitive Skin:

People with sensitive skin must only use the best skincare brand for sensitive skin that promises nourishment and hydration. Accepting and incorporating any and every beauty hack from the internet can do more harm and good to your sensitive skin. You must always know the ingredients of the skincare or makeup products you use. Some of the best sensitive skin tips ask you to focus on the ingredients. Any product that contains artificial colors or fragrances is a strict "no-no" for your skin. Other ingredients to stay away from are retinol, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid that strip off the moisture from the top layer of your skin.


What Are Top Products For Treatment Of Sensitive Skin?

1. O3+ Aloe Derma Hydrating Gel Moisturizer-

Formulated by the best Dermatologists with dry, sensitive skin in mind, Aloe Derma Hydrating Gel is a moisturizer for dry skin that soothes your skin with the goodness of Aloe Vera and stonecrop plant. It regenerates, lightens, calms, and firms your skin and reduces the visible signs of ageing with time. After every application, it leaves your skin with freshness and visibly skin irritation.

Price – Rs.450


  • Heals your troubled skin.
  • Calms the irritation and redness on the skin.
  • Soothes inflamed parts with Aloe Vera.
  • Hydrates your dry skin and gives it a dewy fresh appearance.
  • Skin-friendly ingredients that can be used for daily application.


How to use:

  • Take a dollop of Hydrating gel on your palm.
  • Massage it on your skin in a circular motion till the gel absorbs in your skin. Work your way upward from your neck to the forehead.
  • Rinse it off with normal water.
  • Use this gel daily after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night for visible results.


2. O3+ Night Repair Cream-

Priced at Rs. 955 for 50g, this Repair Cream is the best night cream for dry skin. It hydrates and soothes your skin at night to give you a skin that feels soft and fresh in the morning. The special formulation of the Night Repair Cream gently combats with the irritants in your skin and leaves you with a supple and radiant skin that improves your appearance and mood.


  • Evens your skin tone.
  • Unleashes the inner radiance of your skin and gives it a youthful appearance.
  • Combats dullness and dryness to hydrate and nourish your skin.
  • Increases the firmness and elasticity of your skin while repairing it from the cellular level.


O3+ Night Repair Cream


How to use:

  • Wash your face with a salicylic or glycolic acid-free face wash.
  • Pat it dry and apply the Night Repair cream in an upwards circular motion.
  • Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning.


3. O3+ Lightening & Calming Face Wash-

The Lightning and Calming Face Wash for sensitive skin is fortified with the excellence of red berries that stabilizes the moisture in your skin and leaves it feeling hydrated. The epidermal imbalance is the main cause of dryness. By restoring your natural epidermal balance, the face wash improves the tolerance level of normal, oily, and dry skin types.

Price – Rs.385


  • Suitable for all skin types - normal, oily, and dry.
  • Gently soothes the inflammation and irritation on your skin.
  • Deeply cleans the pores on your face, giving you a radiant and moisturized look.
  • Formulated by Italian dermatologists, the proteins in this face wash deeply nourish your skin.


O3+ Lightening & Calming Face Wash


How to use:

  • Take an adequate amount on the tips of your fingers.
  • Apply it on your skin in an upward circular motion covering your face and neck.
  • Rinse it with lukewarm or cold water.


4. O3+ Derma Calm-

Derma Calm is a sensitive skin moisturizer that calms the redness, irritation, and burns on your vulnerable skin. You can apply it during any time in the day as the non-greasy formulation soothes your skin without making it oily.

Price – Rs.385


  • Instant relief from skin irritation.
  • Formulated using non-irritating elements for dry, normal, and oily sensitive skin types.
  • Enriched with kale that tightens pores and encourages collagen production.


O3+ Derma Calm


How to use:

  • Apply an adequate amount of moisturizer on your skin in a circular motion using your fingertips in the upward direction.
  • For best results, wash your face with a cleanser before applying this cream.
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