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Effective Tips to Remove Tan from Hands and Legs

Effective Tips to Remove Tan from Hands and Legs

As the summer days are alarming, it's time to become a little more concerned about your skincare regime. The foremost concern during the summer is sun tan. If you are frequently exposed to the outer environment, your skin will become prone to sun damage due to UV rays.

It does not only affect your face; you can also notice tan on all your exposed areas, including your hands and legs. So, you must be wondering how to remove tan from your body. In order to remove tan, you need to add summer skincare and body care essentials to your routine. Apart from just applying sunscreen, you can do many things to protect your skin from sun damage.

At O3+, we have an O3+ D-Tan Pack and sunscreen, which can be used on different areas of the body, such as the hands and legs, to fade away the sun tan and dark spots. Add them to your summer skincare routine to get effective results. 

However, let’s discuss the essential tips to get rid of tan from hands and legs.

Practise Regular Exfoliation

The most important skincare step to remove tan is regular exfoliation. It will wipe out the dead skin cells from the skin's surface to result in refreshed and rejuvenating skin. Exfoliation will further remove skin texture and promote cell turnover. Also, it will increase the efficacy of other skincare products, such as sunscreen and moisturisers, to eliminate tans.

Regular exfoliation is necessary to remove tans from the hands and legs. It strips away the top layer of skin, where the tan appearance is usually strongest. You will notice that the tan gradually disappears by regularly exfoliating the top layer and revealing lighter and brighter skin.

Moreover, regular exfoliation will promote the effectiveness of tan removal products and home remedies. It will make your skin more responsive to the active ingredients of our cream, i.e., O3+ SPF 40 Cream Derma Fresh. The ingredients will penetrate deeper and remove tan more effectively.

Always Use Sunscreen Before Stepping Out 

The application of sun tan removal cream is something you must never miss. To prevent the tan from your hands and legs, sunscreen is highly essential. It should be part of your everyday morning skincare regime. The benefit of using sunscreen is it will prevent skin darkening and prevent damage from dangerous UV radiation. 

Add our SPF 40 Cream Derma Fresh to your routine to get enhanced sun protection. The formulation of the cream will provide complete protection against UVA, UVB, and PA+++. Also, it will regulate melanin production and give you visibly brighter skin. Further, with regular usage, you will notice a reduction in dark spots, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation. 

If you are worried about how to remove tan from your hands, apply this tan removal cream to your hands before stepping out. You can also apply it to your face and legs. With its application, you will feel the goodness of its natural ingredients, such as Aloe Leaf Juice, Vegetable Squalene, and Witch Hazel.

Add De-Tan Pack To Your Skincare Routine 

If you want faster results to get rid of sun tan from your hands and legs, include a de-tan pack in your skincare routine. Over time, it will reduce tan effectively. The main purpose of using a de-tan pack is to deeply cleanse and purify the skin. After exfoliating your skin, followed by a cleanser, you can apply the de tan pack. The pack will work to remove dead, tanned skin and reveal healthy and brighter skin.

Add our O3+ Blueberry D-Tan Tan Removal for Face & Body, which will be a great addition to your skincare routine. You can apply this effective pack on your face, body, hands, and feet. O3+ Blueberry D-Tan pack will protect your skin against harmful free radicals. You can feel the freshness of blueberries after the application. It will keep your skin firm and provide extremely high whitening and anti-darkening effects. It will effectively remove tan from your hands and feet. It comes with an advanced tan removal formulation with active ingredients such as Camphor and Eucalyptus that will instantly brighten up your skin. Initially, you will feel a tingling and cooling sensation. This de-tan pack also has the goodness of green tea and aloe vera that will repair and nourish the skin. 

So, keep in mind that a de-tan pack is an essential part of your summer skincare routine. If you are thinking about how to remove tan from your legs faster, use it once or twice a week based on the severity of the tanning and pigmentation. 

Include The Goodness of Vitamin C Application 

It will be best if you introduce vitamin C serum to your skincare routine. This will act as a booster to eliminate tan. It will also aid in removing dark spots and pigmentation, giving you an even skin tone. Go for a serum that has a complex formulation that will effectively deliver the goodness of vitamin C to the skin layers. 

You can try our O3+ Vitamin C booster serum, suitable for all types of skin, or Vitamin-C Serum Glow, specifically formulated to reduce Dark Spots and Pigmentation. Together, the vitamin C and glycolic acid complex can reduce the pigmentation caused by sun exposure and boost glow. 

Take a few drops of the serum on your palm and apply it to your hands and legs before applying the sunscreen. Make sure you have deeply cleaned and exfoliated your hands and legs. 

Try Natural Skincare Ingredients To Remove Tan

Besides the application of sunscreen, serum, de-tan pack, and other products, you can include natural skincare ingredients to remove tan. You can make DIY de-tan packs using lemon juice, aloe vera, tomato, gram flour, etc.

Go for natural ingredients which are rich in vitamin C and have natural bleaching and lightening properties. You can alternatively also apply the DIY packs to get better results.

However, you should maintain a proper schedule for each of the products to get effective results from all of them. You can also take an expert device to include the right products that are suitable for your body's skin type.

Final Thoughts 

The above are the effective tips to remove tan from your hands and legs. Go through our exclusive O3+ tan removal products, which are specifically formulated to show instant action and remove tan immediately. Make sure to include them in your skincare routine. 

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