An exclusive membership program for salons, Makeup Artist, Academies, Independent Beauticians and Hairstylists that gives you access to special offers on professional beauty products.

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To exclusive offers on professional only products.

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Great savings on your purchase when you file tax returns.

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100% authentic directly purchased from brands.

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Exclusive expert training material to help you excel.

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Safe payment options and fuss-free delivery to your workplace.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a salon, makeup artist, or beauty pro, you're in for a treat with O3+ Professional. O3+ is an exclusive platform for our premium customer members to get exceptional offers on professional products and access educational content from top beauty experts. This exclusive membership program is for the salon, beauticians, academise and skin care lovers.

You get a vast selection of premium quality products through O3+ Professional, ensuring access to top-tier offerings. You can also benefit from exclusive and ongoing irresistible offers across all categories, making your purchases even more delightful. This also offers GST benefits, leading to significant savings when you file your tax returns. Rest assured that all the products featured are 100% genuine. This also helps to upgrade your skills with masterclasses and tutorials. Finally,the convenience of doorstep delivery, with safe payment options, brings the best beauty products directly to your home or workplace.

If you're a makeup artist, own a salon, spa, nail salon, or beauty parlour, work independently as a beautician or hair stylist, or run a makeup, skin, hair, or nail academy, then you're eligible. If you join O3+ Professional, this opens up a world of benefits for you. You can enjoy exclusive offers, great savings, and access to genuine brands, making it a perfect fit for professionals like you.

To join, you just need one government-issued identity proof and one business proof showing that you're a professional in one of the eligible businesses mentioned above. It's that simple. 1) Identity Card (Need only one): Aadhar Card/PAN Card/Passport/Driving License/ Other govt approved ID card 2) Proof of Business (Need One): Training certificate/Link of Official Website/ Facebook or Instagram page of business/ listing on an aggregator platform/site as a vendor/ A business card with your name, contact details, and occupation/ A fee receipt or salary slip mentioning your profession If you're a beauty professional or work with a beauty professional or business, you can also use any document that certifies your status. If you have questions about the documents needed for O3+ Professional membership, feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at 9212031465. We're here to help.

To become an O3+ Professional member, visit and create an account by clicking the option in the top right corner. You can even turn your current personal account into an O3+ Professional account through this process. After you fill out the sign-up form, our team will check your details, including your business credentials. We'll then contact you through your registered email to update you on your membership status. If you have trouble uploading your documents, just email them to

At O3+ Professional, we've got special brands, products, and offers just for qualified beauty professionals. That's why we ask for your business proof as it helps us make sure you get access to all the exclusive goodies. Your documents are kept safe and secure with us, with restricted access to keep everything confidential.

After you send in the form, we'll check the details and documents you shared. It might take up to 72 hours or 3 business days. After that, we'll send you an email at your registered email address to let you know how your membership is doing.

Right now, the membership is completely free. Plus, it's a lifelong deal.

Once your membership is confirmed, you're all set to enjoy the benefits of shopping with O3+ Professional.

Our developers are busy creating a cool mobile app just for you. In the meantime, you can still reach us through our official website at

Yes, do not forget to include your GST details when you share your form, or you can email us your GST certificate at Once you do that, you can start enjoying tax benefits on your O3+ invoices.

If you've given us your GST certificate as an O3+ Professional member, your O3+ invoices will show your business name and GST number. This way, you can easily claim tax credit from the government.

You can totally be both an O3+ Professional and a private customer if you qualify for both programs separately.

You can definitely use your reward points on O3+ Professional. The points will add up in your cart when you make your next purchase.

As an O3+ Professional member, there's no minimum order quantity or value required. Shop as much or as little as you like

Got questions or need help with changes to your account? Reach out to us at or give us a call at 9212031465. We're here for you always.

It's the email you gave us when you signed up for O3+ Professional.

You can spot O3+ Professional discounts right on our website. Look for them under the "O3+ Professional Offer" section on a product's page whenever they apply.