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Visage Beauty and Healthcare Private Limited,an Indian Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, having its registered office at M-51 2nd Floor, Greater Kailash Market, Part-I, New Delhi-110048. Visage is a leaderin the business of trading, marketing, importing, exporting, educating, supplying and selling inter alia all kinds of skin care and beauty products, treatments and services relating to such beauty treatment, spas, salons, organising workshops, conferences and trainings under the trademarks O3+, SARA, AGELOCK, D-TAN and many more . These marks are registered trademark of Visage. Visage uses, amongst others, the trademark in the following manners (Collectively “Visage Trade Marks”):

By reasons of being highly distinctive and long, extensive and continuous use of the Visage Trade Marks, Visage Trade Marks are exclusively identified with Visage’s products and services. Visage and Visage Trade Marksenjoys substantial reputation and valuable goodwill.

Visage has been vigilant in protecting its rights in the VISAGE MARKS and has regularly taken successful legal actions against third party adoption/use of the identical or similar marks. Some such successful legal actions are Civil Suit TM No 1491 of 2016 where court awarded damages and costs, Civil Suit TM No 30 of 2019 where the defendant has been stopped from using Visage Marks, several trade mark oppositions, numerous successful take down notices and legal notices. The information of most of these actions are publicly available and can be accessed from Court and Tribunal records.

Public notice is hereby given that the VISAGE MARKS ( O3+, D-TAN, AGELOCK, SARA and all other trade marks) are sole and exclusive proprietary of Visage and anyone using Visage Trade Marks or any deceptively similar mark, without authority or permission of Visage shall render himself liable to legal proceedings, both civil and criminal without any further notice.