O3+ Whitening Facial Kit & Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Bleach for Skin Whitening and Hair Lightening Combo

O3+ Bridal Facial Kit for Radiant & Glowing Skin

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Illuminate your skin with the O3+ Whitening Facial Kit for Tan-Pigmented Skin and the O3+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Bleach. O3+ Whitening Kit is specially designed for tan-pigmented skin. This kit brightens and lightens your skin tone while purifying it from within. The unique 5-in-1 formula in this kit cleanses, tones, massages, prepares and repairs your skin for an overall whitening effect. It effectively lightens pigmentation and clears and purifies your skin, all while keeping it moisturised, soft, and supple. For visibly glowing skin, try the iconic O3+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Bleach. This gel-based cream is expertly formulated to lighten skin and hair without causing dryness. Infused with Ascorbic acid, Citrus sinensis peel extract, and Glycerin, it effectively lightens skin and hair, unclogs pores, and enhances hydration.


  • Radiant Complexion: This combo is your secret to achieving a radiant and glowing complexion. It effectively brightens and lightens your skin tone, leaving you looking more vibrant and radiant.
  • Even Skin Tone: Bid farewell to pigmentation as this duo effectively lightens pigmentation and ensures a more even and clear skin tone.
  • Comprehensive Skincare: With the Whitening Facial Kit for your skin and Meladerm Gel Bleach for skin and hair, this combo offers comprehensive skincare, ensuring your skin is bright, light, and well-nourished.
  • Moisturized and Supple Skin: Enjoy skin that's not only brighter but also well-moisturized, soft, and supple, thanks to the effective hydration provided by these products.


  • Niacinamide: It keeps your skin firm and healthy.
  • Coconut oil: Reduces the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.
  • Licorice: Soothes the skin making it plump and supple.

O3+ Whitening Facial Kit:
  • Apply milk wash on the face in a circular motion.
  • Massage gently and rinse off.
  • Apply Microdermabrasion Facial Peel on the face, massage gently, and wipe off.
  • Do not rub it too hard and avoid using it around the eyes and breakouts.
  • Massage Brightening Cream gently all over the face and neck for 10-15 minutes.
  • Mix mould mask in water to form a paste.
  • Apply for 15 minutes and peel off gently.
O3+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Bleach:
  • Apply gel bleach with 8 spatula of gel along with 1 spatula of activator.
  • For giving extra brightness, apply Vitamin C cream before and after the bleach in little quantity.
  • If the skin is very dry, apply Vitamin C cream before application of the bleach.
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