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How To Remove Pimples?

How To Remove Pimples?

Nothing is disheartening that you wake up with a fresh breakout that makes you franticly google “How to get rid of pimples immediately”. We shouldn’t be surprised that it should always come out at the most unexpected times when we don’t have the patience to wait for its life cycle to end for a week. You just want to get rid of the pimple immediately.

Pimples are such spoilers, that pop out at the most inconvenient time; a day before your b-day, job interview, or right before your family photoshoot. In this situation of disquiet, you started picking up bad ideas online and do a lot of common mistakes that experts advised you to avoid.

Once you scroll down and read below, you’ll find some pre-pimple remedies to avoid popping up pimples.


Cleanse Your Face Daily

Dirt is one of the biggest reasons for pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation. The availability of a thick layer of pollutants on your skin causes skin damage and results in pimples. Deep Cleanse your face regularly twice a day. Once in the morning, once at night to illuminate dirt and pollutants from your sensitive skin. Check out the best face wash for women.

If you have oily skin, cleansing must be an important regime in your skincare routine. It will remove excess oil from your skin and other pimple-causing reasons to leave behind pimple-free, fresh skin. Check out our- Vitamin C Face Wash for Healthy Glowing Skin.


1. Apply The Acne-Prone Face Mask

There are hundreds of face masks are available in the market these days to target acne-prone skin like O3+. Although at O3+ you can find the solution to your every skin care problem. And when it comes to acne, O3+ has a separate section of pigmentation range to gently detox and treat pigmentation for healthy glowing skin.

This summer use face masks that reduce inflammation and treat acne directly by clogging pores. Try some skin brightening face wash that has keywords like oxidant-rich, exfoliating, hydrating, soothing, calming, and fuss-free.

Every skin has different reasons for pigmentation, which may be due to dullness or oiliness. Choose an ideal face mask of your skin’s choice to boost your skin immunity.


O3+ Derma Cult Salicylic + Adaptogen mask


2. Sulphur Mask

To treat pigmentation or acne-prone skin, sulfur works in the same way as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Unlike these two formulas, sulfur tends to be gentle on your skin surface.

Sulfur actually dries out the outer layer of your skin to absorb excess oil (sebum) that might cause skin breakouts. It also dries out dead skin cells to unclog your pores. Use Sulfur Cooling Facial Mask to reduce the size of existing pimples on your face. Apply this Sulphur mask all over your face or target only acne-prone areas to prevent future acne breakouts and reduce the appearance of acne marks.


Sulfur Cooling Facial Mask for Tanning & Radiant Glow


3. Medical Treatments

For stubborn skin breakout, an individual might wish to think about visiting a dermatologist for skin treatment. There are various treatments, an individual can opt-out, like-

  • salicylic acid
  • benzoyl peroxide
  • topical antibiotics
  • retinoid

Skin medicines (Topical treatments) can decrease aggravation, unblock pores, and decreased the creation of sebum. They can also hinder the growth of bacteria. However, for better results, they take time to work.

According to many dermatologists, it is said that it will take approx. 3 months before people see any improvements, 4 months too in severe cases. They recommend to do not switching acne-pone products frequently and sticking to the same product for at least 6-8 weeks straight.


Final Words

You see how Face whitening face wash is helpful for deep cleansing and sulfur mask for gently treating pigmentation. Face masks and medical treatments are the other alternatives too. So, with this blog we just wanted you to understand, don’t panic, and follow these pre-pimple remedies to avoid acne. There are a lot of natural acne-prone treatments available too, so no more pop-ups, only clean-up!

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