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Soap Vs Face Wash – Which One Does Your Face Prefer?

Soap Vs Face Wash – Which One Does Your Face Prefer?

Keeping your skin clean, especially the face, is important. Your face and feet are always exposed to the outer world. Cleaning your face with a good cleanser is the first step of any skincare routine. Your skincare routine should start with a gentle but effective cleanser. When we say cleanser, a lot of options come up, and some people choose soap to clean their faces. However, the question of whether soap is good for the face remains in our minds. 

It is important to think about the effect soap has on your face and then make the decision to use a face wash or a soap. The general advice that dermatologists and aestheticians give their clients is that soap is not suitable for the soft facial skin you have. This is because soaps are, by nature, very alkaline. Therefore, soaps are harsh on your skin and dry your face. These days, people are replacing soap with shower gels while bathing, too. 

The pH comparison of face wash and soap 

To help you understand how different face washes and soaps are and how big a difference the pH can make to your skin, you need to understand the difference between face wash vs soap

Your skin, especially the skin of your face, is a bit acidic and remains in the pH range of 4.7-5.45. A face wash like our Lightening & Calming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin is inherently acidic with a pH value of 4.5-7. Our BHA purifying face wash is also formulated with exfoliating acids and is suitable for face cleansing, especially if you have acne and dark spots.

On the other hand, generic soaps are alkaline in nature. For example, generic soaps fall on the pH scale of 9 to 10, which is very basic and can disrupt your skin barrier. If you apply soap regularly on your face, it can dry your skin and damage the skin barrier, which can then lead to blemishes, pimples and acne. 

If you want to have soft and smooth skin with no imperfections, then go for a gentle cleanser in the morning and double cleansing at night. Your body's skin might not be irritated by the gentler soaps, but your face will complain and rebel against the use of harsh soaps. Choosing a gentle face cleanser in the appropriate pH range is a favour you do to your skin.

The hygiene factor of face wash  

Apart from the possible pH imbalance, there is also the hygiene factor to take care of. For example, soaps are usually exposed to the outer environment and left out in the open. Most people keep their soaps in open cases in the bathroom, and this can lead to an accumulation of germs and dirt. Soaps are not practical or good enough for your face because they can further infect your face and make your skin break out severely. 

A face wash usually comes in a tube or container, and it is safer to use because it does not get exposed to the outer environment. You pump out how much face wash you need and then use it. After pumping out some face wash, you can close the lid or pump the face wash tube. 

This is a much cleaner approach to cleaning your face and creating a blank canvas to apply skin care products. When we formulate the packaging of our face wash tubes, we take care of the convenience factor and the cleanliness factor so that face wash does not get contaminated. Our packaging also ensures that you can use the face wash for a longer time. 

On the other hand, a traditional soap can thaw out with water and might go to waste. It might also slip from your hand and fall on the floor, which is not safe for your face. Now that you know about the disadvantages of soap, it is imperative to choose a face wash instead. If you want to blend the properties of soap and face wash, you should try our Vitamin C foaming face wash because it gives you a lot of foam to cleanse your face thoroughly. 

Ideal face wash according to skin type 

The skin of your face is special and has its own needs. The physiology and nature of the facial skin are quite different from the other body parts. If you want to take care of your skin properly, you need to invest in skincare that suits your face. Along with avoiding the side effects of soap on the face, you should also treat your skincare concerns. Here are some recommendations based on your skin type. 

Oily skin

Oily skin is one that has a higher sebum production. Oily skin can have a lot of pimples and blackheads due to clogged pores. An oily skin will attract more dirt and dust because of its texture and the oil to which it clings. Therefore, using a good cleanser for your face is of utmost importance. You should use a foamy cleanser every day in the morning and also after coming back home so that your skin is soft and clean throughout the day. Our Cooling Purifying Tea Tree Face Wash cools your skin after a long day and purifies the skin, helping in the reduction of acne and blemishes. The Tea tree extracts calm your skin and reduce irritation. 

Cooling Purifying Tea Tree Face Wash

Combination skin

The combination skin type girl can use any type of face wash as long as it is not too harsh. Someone with a combination of skin should have a mild cleanser in the morning and a foaming face wash at night to get rid of the dirt. You can use our Brightening and Whitening Face wash

Brightening and Whitening Face wash

Dry skin

Dry skin needs extra care while cleansing because excessive force or harsh compounds can make your skin drier. You need a face wash that cleans your skin gently without taking away the moisture level. You can use our Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash with Aloe and Cucumber that cools down your skin and restores moisture balance to the face. 

Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash with Aloe and Cucumber


Once you know how to use face wash, you should start your skincare routine with it. At O3+, we offer an amazing range of face washes that are gentle on your skin and target your skin concerns. Clean your skin every day, at least twice and keep your skin healthy. 

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