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The Do's & Don'ts of Winter Skincare

The Do's & Don'ts of Winter Skincare

Low humidity, chilly winds, and dry indoor air throughout the winter can cause your skin to become dry, flaky, and dull, making it more prone to infections and outbreaks. Everybody has a unique skin type, which causes a wide range of skin issues. Finding the ideal skincare routine for your skin type is the key to having healthy skin. Whether you're a novice seeking to begin a regular skincare regimen or simply looking to cut back and stick to the essentials to save some additional money. At O3+, you can find skincare products for winter like the best face wash for dry skin, cleanser, moisturizer, and more made with the highest standards of craftsmanship. We use clinically approved and natural ingredients in our products. 

What Causes Dry Skin in The Winter?

Your skin has a built-in propensity to draw moisture from its surroundings and maintain moisture levels. Low humidity during the winter prevents skin from maintaining its health and causes it to become dry.

We also frequently use hot water and abrasive soaps, which can destroy the barrier that protects our skin. Our skin loses its moisture and vital oils when the skin barrier fails.

To keep your skin hydrated and supple during winter, follow these dos and don'ts.

The Do's

1. Get a Gentle Cleanser 

If your face feels tight and dry after washing during the winter, you may need to switch your cleanser. You need a softer, more hydrating, weakly acidic cleanser that balances the pH levels of your skin without drying it off.

O3+ Deep Concern 1 Hydrating Moisture Cleanser Dry Combination Skin- This cleanser for dry skin significantly enhances skin texture and gets you ready to look your best. Additionally, it has dual cleansing and exfoliating activities.

O3+ Deep Concern 1 Hydrating Moisture Cleanser Dry Combination Skin

2. Use a Heavier Moisturizer 

It's possible that the skincare products you use in the steamy summer won't be effective on your skin in the colder months. Change to a thick, cream-based moisturizer if you typically use a lotion or gel. Your skin will be soothed and inflammation will be avoided.

Triple Acid Oil-Free Brightening Moisturizer- And oil-free moisturizer that softly hydrates the skin without making it greasy or oily is available for all skin types. It is loaded with the benefits of three different types of acids, including lactic and glycolic, as well as adaptogens that have healing properties, such as aloe vera, which rejuvenates dry, damaged skin.

Triple Acid Oil-Free Brightening Moisturizer

3. Exfoliate Appropriately 

Two to three times per week, exfoliate. The blood flow to your skin will be increased by gently massaging in circular motions as you do this. It will look bright and healthy as a result. Don't scrub excessively. The barrier that protects your skin might be damaged by vigorous scrubbing.

O3+ Oxy D-Tan Scrub for Blackheads - O3+ D-Tan Scrub is a cutting-edge tan-removal scrub that helps in exfoliation and leaves skin looking even and radiant. With the goodness of Tea Tree & Peppermint, O3+ scrub for blackheads makes the skin glow and radiant instantly.

O3+ Oxy D-Tan Scrub for Blackheads


4. Apply SPF 

In order to keep warm during the chilly winter months, we often go for the sun. But even though you might not notice it, the sun can harm your skin. Even in the winter, it is suggested to use a moisturizer containing SPF.

The Don’ts

1. Don't Wash Your Face Too Much

Even though it seems paradoxical, often washing your face might further dry out your skin. Limit your cleansing to two times every day.

2. Skip The Allergens

Flare-ups are brought on by items that contain irritants or strong chemicals. Use products that don't contain harsh soaps, sulfates, or parabens.

3. Avoid Taking Prolonged Hot water Baths

Despite how appealing it may sound, taking a long hot shower might strip your skin of its natural oils. The majority of physicians suggest keeping the body's temperature below 110 degrees. It's advised to lower the temperature if your skin turns red while you're bathing.

As the weather changes winter skincare is a must in order to have healthy skin. Check out the O3+ skincare range today and take the pick suiting best for your skin type.

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