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6 Easy Steps To Do Manicure and Pedicure with the Ultimate Nail Kit at Home

6 Easy Steps To Do Manicure and Pedicure with the Ultimate Nail Kit at Home

For women, having beautiful nails is a crucial component in enhancing their personality. They search for the top nail care products to try on because they simply can't get enough manicure and pedicure pampering sessions. Pedicures and manicures are crucial for maintaining healthy nails. Your overall health and well-being can actually benefit greatly from routine manicures and pedicures. Additionally, they keep your hands appearing youthful. Regular manicure and pedicure are important because they also prevent infections. 

Why Manicure Pedicure is Important for Healthy Nails?

Don't treat your nails like tools; treat them more like diamonds. We provide explanations on why you ought to give your nails particular attention.

  • To make a good first impression
  • To avoid fungal infection
  • To maintain a proper hygiene

But choosing the right products is essential to keep your hands and feet healthy and appealing. O3+ presents a manicure pedicure kit all packed with the goodness of natural ingredients.

Why O3+ Manicure and Pedicure Kit?

Our Pedilogix Bubblehum Manicure Pedicure Kit consists of natural ingredients like elderflower, crystal salt, and macadamia nuts that help even the skin tone, retain skin moisture, and repair scars. This 6-step regimen pack will cleanse, moisturize, and smooth the skin on your hands and feet while also taking good care of your nails. 

Benefits of Pedilogix Bubblehum Manicure Pedicure Products

  1. O3+ manicure and pedicure kit: Manicure and pedicure kit contain the following products which are beneficial in the following manner. 
  2. O3+ Pedilogix Crystal Wash: The crystal salt helps in the body's de-stressing process by releasing negative ions. Additionally, it helps minimize hand and foot swelling.
  3. O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Wash: This ground-breaking wash combines BHA and elderflower extract for a dual action of softening and cleansing. The multiple softening and clarifying components in this scientifically created cleanser thoroughly wash your skin while enhancing blood circulation. Additionally, it creates a cooling sensation that eases stress and weariness.
  4. O3+ Pedilogix Micro Peel: Urea and macadamia oil are combined in the O3+ Pedilogix Micro Peel, which removes flaky skin. This peel leaves your feet incredibly supple and silky.
  5. O3+ Pedilogix Massage Cream: A potent combination of lactate and aloe vera extract softens the skin and gives it a satiny feel. This lotion was created scientifically to soften and mend rough, dry heels.
  6. O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Mask: The O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Mask has a distinctive design and is filled with skin-rejuvenating and anti-tan ingredients that efficiently moisturize and repair damaged foot skin. The benefits of lactate combined with olive oil have lightening and smoothing effects that aid in the removal of age spots and pigmentation blemishes.
  7.  O3+ Pedilogix Bubble Gum Gel Powder: A special crystal powder that, when combined with water, creates a gelatinous texture soak to pamper and relax tired feet. Simply spend 5–6 minutes soaking in this material. After use, discard the crystal soak.

O3+ Pedilogix Bubblegum manicure and pedicure kit

How to Use It?

Here’s a stepwise guide to using the O3+ manicure pedicure kit.

  • Step1- Start by letting the Crystal wash soothe your hands and feet.
  • Step 2- Use the Pedi wash to soak and wash hands and feet after mixing it with water.
  • Step 3- Gently scrub hands and feet to remove dead with the micro peel.
  • Step 4- Apply the cream and massage the skin for 10 minutes.
  • Step 5- Apply the O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Mask to your hands and feet for smooth, soft skin.
  • Step 6- To soothe and calm the skin, soak your hands and feet in O3+ Pedilogix Bubble Gum Gel Powder.

Now that you know what each item does and how to use it, grab an O3+ manicure and pedicure kit today!

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