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The Complete Facial Guide for Men

The Complete Facial Guide for Men

Facials aren't only for women; they're for anyone who wants to give their skin a healthier shine. The idea of a facial for men isn't particularly common. But it’s an important and healthy skin regimen that needs to be followed. Here’s a comprehensive guide to introduce you to the world of facials and its benefits.

What Is A Facial?

Facial is a multi-step procedure that includes exfoliation of the dead skin cells, cleansing of pores and a bespoke mask to treat the skin issues. It nourishes and regenerates the skin cells on the face, providing the appearance of brighter, more youthful skin. Some popular brands like O3+ offer a range of men’s facial that is best suited to all skin types.

What Are The Benefits Of a Facial For Men?

A facial can completely transform your skin in a matter of minutes. Here are a few reasons why men's facials are so important.

1. Deep cleansing of your pores- Extraction is a technique for keeping your pores clean that is utilized during facials. Blackheads are removed from your pores and pimples are removed during extraction. The advantage of extraction is that it can be done with retinol to clean the pore and reduce its size, improving the overall appearance.

2. Better Exfoliation- A facial, comparable to cleansing, will provide a deeper exfoliation. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, enhance skin tone, lower pore size, and boost the efficacy of the skin. 

3. Assist you in better understanding of your skin- When you have a facial, the expert will use his expert lens to get a better look at your skin and educate you on the type of skin you have, how to care for it, and what products to use. 

What Is The Optimal Frequency For a Facial For Men?

According to dermatologists, men's skin differs significantly from women's. As androgenic hormones help in the production of coarser skin and thicker hair in men, which is also why men's skin is oilier than women's. This results in greasy, oily skin, whiteheads, and blackheads, and as people become older, their pores grow and the texture of their skin deteriorates. But timely care can save you from the loss. Ideally, men should take facials once a month or every two months or when the seasons change. It's the greatest time to get your skin ready for the change in weather.

How To Do Facial At Home?

With O3+ products, facial can be easily done at home by just following few steps-

1. Cleanse- Begin by cleansing with a gentle cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. It will help in the removal of any residue from the skin, allowing the products you apply to penetrate deeper into the skin. Our Men Tea Tree Ice Cool Acne Blemish Control Cleanser removes dirt and excess oil from the skin while making it radiant.


Men Tea Tree Ice Cool Acne Blemish Control Cleanser


2. Exfoliate- Apply a scrub suited to your skin type. It removes dead skin cells and aids in the smoothing of the skin's texture. Our O3+ Men Sea Powerful Refreshing Whitening Scrub and Exquisite Men Tea Tree Ice Cool Acne Blemish Control Scrub, enriched with natural ingredients work as gentle exfoliators.

3. Remove Dead Skin Cells- To eliminate blackheads, use an extraction tool. When you begin extraction, follow the instructions on the tool. You can take steam before extraction for better result.

4. Apply Mask- Choose a mask that is appropriate for your skin type based on your objective. A variety of masks are available on the market that can be useful. Masks can assist to give your skin a supple appearance and can also aid to prevent tanning. For tanned skin O3+ offers tan removal products for men like D Tan pack, D Tan Cream and much more.

Apply serum- Apply a serum and a hydrating moisturizer on the skin. Because your skin has been scrubbed and extracted, it is critical to treat and pamper it in order to lock in the mask's effects.

Now that you have a thorough guide to facials for men, with O3+ products you can do facial at home and pamper your skin.