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Navratri Special Skin Care: How To Get Glowing Skin For Navratri?

Navratri Special Skin Care: How To Get Glowing Skin For Navratri?

Goddess Durga is coming to bless us all, and these nine days of devotion and enjoyment will be memorable, just like every other year. So, in the quest to make your Navratri special, don’t you want to give your skin a special sense of care and glow?

Well, if you said yes to that question, you have landed on the right page. This article will educate you on the best skin care tips you must follow in order to get a glamorous and attractively glowing face for your Navratri evenings.

Different Skin Care Tips for You to Attain the Perfect Navratri Glow

If a perfect glow is what you want to pair with your best Navratri attires, now is the time to make it happen. Here are some of the tips for you to follow that would help you improve your skin quality and fix its problems from the roots to help you attain that desired glow. The tips are:

1. Eat or Apply Sufficient Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful food with a lot of antioxidants within. It provides your immune system with adequate support, which promotes you to attain healthy skin. Kiwi, papaya, oranges, sweet potatoes and other such fruits are rich in Vitamin C.

You can either eat these fruits to improve your skin health from within or apply healthy topical solutions for faster results. Look out for the best face pack for whitening over O3+ that has vitamin C as its core ingredient. Apply those products as specified, and you shall see positive results much faster.

2. Ensure Your Skin Gets Ample Hydration

Water is known to be the true elixir for your life, but it also plays a major role in rejuvenating your skin and ensuring its glow. Proper hydration of the skin flushes out all the harmful toxins from your body and improves your overall skin tone. Moreover, it also maintains the elasticity of your dermal tissue for adding more suppleness to the skin.

Moreover, it shall also minimise the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines or saggy regions. To ensure your skin is hydrated enough, this Navratri gives you an unmatched glow; prefer drinking at least six to eight full glasses of water every day. It would be better if you get the first glass in the morning in which the water should be lukewarm and must have honey and lemon in it.

3. Attain Proper Beauty Sleep

It is true that using the best facial kit for skin whitening is your primary approach this Navratri to glam up your facial glow. And that would definitely be helpful for you! But at the same time, if you intend to hold onto that glow and not lose it over the course of the next nine days of celebration, plan a proper beauty sleep routine.

Sleeping enough at night directly impacts the overall health of your skin. It boosts your brain functions and immunity strength. Furthermore, it also helps repair the skin cells and hold onto your natural or retained glow this Navratri. Not just Navratri, but you must care for your skin throughout the year without compromising on it at all!

4. Make Use of Exfoliating Scrubs

After the festive celebrations are over for each Navratri evening, your skin will need exfoliation for a healthy recovery. It is because, during the celebrations, your skin must have accumulated a lot of oiliness, dust, grime, dirt and dry patches. Fixing these issues is highly crucial to ensure your face doesn’t look dull the next day.

Therefore, once you are done with your celebrations for an evening, come back home, take a shower and then use an exfoliating scrub. You can either use natural ingredients for the same, such as almonds, coffee grounds and honey or use the best exfoliating face scrub product by O3+, with the effects of these natural ingredients, for an even more efficient clean-up.

5. Spray Facial Mist on your Skin

As you know, a facial mist is considered a blessing for your skin health, as it instantly boosts the brightening effect of your skin upon applying the makeup. So, if you want a perfectly revitalised appearance for your Navratri celebrations, prepare a facial mist that should consist of cooling elements such as rose water, which would moisturise your skin and give you a perfect glow.

You can also use cucumber, lemon juice and other such things for the same well, which would tone your skin and cool it down to clear out the blemishes, even the tone and diminish your dark spots.


Implement these professional tips for attaining the best skin care results in Navratri. Enhance your facial glow and lock its radiant feel forever by adopting these practices and making it a habit to ensure it continues even after the Navratri.

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