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Skin Care Routine Order: A Step-By-Step Guide

Skin Care Routine Order: A Step-By-Step Guide

Everyone has days when it seems like the world is conspiring against them – and that's exactly how you feel about your appearance too. At those times, a little boost in the right direction can go a long way! Your beauty routine is your sanctuary. So, whether you're a college student struggling to find time in your schedule or a working mom who doesn't have as much time for yourself as she'd like, or a man who believes that skincare is not for him; finding ways to better care for your skin is key! You may think that it's impossible to make time for every single beauty step in your routine, but that's not true! That's why we've put together this handy guide on how to re-invigorate your beauty routine with the best skincare routine for men and women. 

 1) Learn your Skin Type:

It's important to know the state of your skin at all times. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. Knowing your skin type will help you tailor your routine to exactly what you need. There are five basic skin types: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, and Sensitive. Each skin type may vary from person to person, but these categories give a general idea of what to look for. 

  • Normal skin is healthy but may need a bit more SPF. 
  • Dry skin is usually flaky, especially around the nose, forehead, and cheeks. 
  • Combination skin is a combination of dry and oily. 
  • Oily skin can either be normal or thick, and it's often shiny. 
  • Sensitive skin is often red and/or irritated. 

There are certain women's and men's skincare products that are better for certain skin types, so make sure you're using them.

 2) Use a Gentle Cleanser:

There are tons of cleansers out there, so it's best to find the one that works best for you. A gentle cleanser will keep your skin hydrated and clean without stripping it of its natural oils. Stay away from cleansers that are scented or contain a lot of dye. A fragrance-free, dye-free cleanser should be your go-to for daily use. Look for something that has nice reviews and is appropriate for your skin type. 

 3) Exfoliate!

Exfoliating is a great way to remove impurities, oils, and dead skin cells to reveal brighter, healthier skin underneath. It can also help to prevent acne if you have oily skin. This step is recommended once or twice a week. There are different types of exfoliants, so it's best to figure out which you prefer. 

 4) Apply Toner Regularly:

Toners are great for any skin type. They remove any last impurities left behind after cleansing and help refresh the skin. Toners are great for all skin types and should be used after cleansing. For people with dry skin, it's best to pick a toner with hydrating properties. A rosewater or cucumber toner is best for oily skin. If you have sensitive skin, pick a toner without alcohol.

 5) Serum is a Goddess:

It's the queen of hydrating your skin. It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the texture and tone of your skin. They work to break down and combat wrinkles, age spots, and other impurities. The best part is that serums are easy to apply. Shop around for the best serum for your skin type. You might have to try a few out before finding one that works for you.

 6) Be Thick with Moisturizer:

A great moisturizer is like a coat for your skin. Without it, your skin would look dry and dull. It's important to choose the right one for your skin type. It must be thick enough to hydrate your skin without being too heavy. For example, oily skin needs moisturizers that are oil-free, and dry skin needs ones that are rich in humectants. You should also take into account the time of the day you're using it.

 7) Never Ditch Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is your best friend. No matter how pale you are, you need to protect your skin from the sun. And it doesn't matter what your skin type is. Everyone needs sunscreen in their beauty arsenal. Physical sunscreen works to block UV rays by reflecting the light away from your skin. Chemical sunscreen works to absorb UV rays before they reach your skin. For best results, it's best to choose a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum.  

 8) Use Retinol at Night:

Retinol is a special type of vitamin A that works to smooth wrinkles, brighten skin, get rid of acne, and even out skin tone. It's best to use retinol at night, so it has time to really penetrate into your skin. Retinol products are usually formulated to be effective on the skin the moment you apply them.


Now that you know how to make the most out of your beauty routine, it's time to get to work! Remember that it doesn't take a ton of time to make a difference. You can be smart about your skincare routine and use the best skin care products for men and women. With enough time and dedication, you'll find yourself feeling more confident about your appearance every day. Also, remember that following a good beauty routine is necessary for your skin.

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