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Cold Cream For Face - A Must Have Skincare For Winter

Cold Cream For Face - A Must Have Skincare For Winter

As winter approaches, cold creams conjure images of frigid winter evenings. These skincare products have been used for years and have never failed. This toxin-free skincare product is distinguished by its long-lasting authenticity, creamy texture, cotton-like feel, and relaxing scent.

Winter temperatures are lower, and the dry air may absorb the skin's natural moisture. If not treated, this might result in dryness, irritation, and long-term damage. The winter months are notorious for being dry, which causes our skin to lose moisture. As a result, the best way to protect ourselves is to use safe and moderate skincare products with hydrating ingredients. Be cautious because formulations frequently fluctuate and contain varying oil-to-water ratios that may be harmful.

What Is A Cold Cream?

Because they include a combination of nourishing oil and water, cold creams are quickly absorbed into the skin. Cold creams (for the winter season) do, however, contain thickening and emulsifying ingredients to prevent them from permeating the epidermis. They act as a barrier between the outside environment and your skin, minimizing moisture loss. Finding the right cream might be tough; however, before making a decision, look for crucial ingredients and understand your skin type.

At O3+, we make the best moisturizing creams that are good for the winter season since they replace the skin's natural moisture. With daily use, it will assist to make your skin supple and soft. Skin-friendly formulas are included in several face creams. Because of its capacity to replenish moisture, it is an ideal moisturizer for people with dry, itchy skin.

Choose from O3+ Cold Creams and moisturizers

1. Triple Acid Oil-free brightening moisturizer

An oil-free moisturizer for all skin types that softly moisturizes without leaving the skin oily or greasy. This moisturizing cream for oily skin is loaded with the goodness of 3 different types of acids like Glycolic acid, Lactic acid along with adaptogens with healing effects like aloe vera which repairs damaged and dull skin.

Triple Acid Oil-free brightening moisturizer

2. Retinol Cream Night Moisturizer for wrinkles and radiance

The O3+ Derma Cult Retinol Cream night moisturizer is a very moisturizing night moisturizer that increases cell turnover in your skin while you sleep. It also aids in the removal of wrinkles and fine lines while producing a youthful glow. This cream also contains adaptogens, which are herbs that have been used for over 5000 years in Eastern medicine and Ayurveda. 

The O3+ Derma Cult Retinol Cream night moisturizer

3. O3+ Moisture Boost Glow Cream

A hydrating gel cream that gives a moisture boost and keeps skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. The best moisturizing cream for dry skin in winter.

O3+ Moisture Boost Glow Cream

Other Uses of Cold Cream

  • Cold face creams also make wonderful lip balms! This is due to the presence of mineral oils and waxes such as ceresin and beeswax in cold face creams.
  • Applying cold face cream to your lips can help retain moisture and provide an extra layer of protection from the harsh winter air.
  • Moisturize your hands, back, arms, and legs with cold face cream. It works just as well on other parts of the body as it does on the face to relieve dry, irritated skin.
  • Cold face cream may leave your skin feeling hydrated and smoother.

Even if the winters are a lot of fun, your skin needs special care during this season. The most effective way is to supplement existing nutrients with a natural cold face cream. Browse our wide range of moisturizers and creams today to get that extra glow this winter!

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