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Morning vs. Night Incorporating Face Tonic into Your Skincare Routine

Morning vs. Night Incorporating Face Tonic into Your Skincare Routine

When it is about skincare, discipline & consistency are what should be your priority implementation. You must be strict about being regular with the skincare routine and be patient to attain the desirable results. One product that holds utmost significance in helping you scale your skincare efforts throughout the day is face tonic. 

When you tend to use the best face toner for oily skin and dry skin, you will be ensuring a nourishing and hydrating effect for your skin. Using it correctly will protect the skin from external aggressors, providing you with a youthful complexion. But, to reap the true benefits, you need to follow an optimal skincare routine with the tonic from morning to night. 

In this article, you will get an idea of how to implement a face tonic into your skincare routine. So, read along till the end to count on! 

Morning Skincare Routine with a Face Toner

To start with, let’s discuss the morning skincare routine of the face toners, which is pretty simple for you to follow. You just need to stick with these steps, and you will be able to acquire the best benefits of using the best toner for your face:

Cleanse Your Skin

The first step before you apply skin toner in the morning is cleansing and to start with, prefer using a face wash or cleanser for the process, which goes well with your skin type. Once you are done cleansing your face, the traces of oil, dirt, and other such impurities will be eradicated, which will prepare your skin for a further skincare routine. 

Apply a Facial Toner

This is the step where you will be applying a face tonic right after the cleansing process. You ought to make sure that your skin is dry before you apply the best toner for oily skin, dry skin, or other skin types. At O3+, we provide you with the best quality face toner online, which will help you balance pH levels and tighten the skin pores. Look for the O3+ toners that suit your skin type and pat your skin with it using the fingertips or cotton pads. 

Do Use a Facial Serum

In this step, get the best serum formulation idea for your specific skin concerns. When you are done with your toning treatment, you must apply only a few drops of your preferred O3+ skin care serum around your neck and face. Your approach while spreading the serum all over your skin should be gentle by using upward strokes to promote absorption.

Use a Moisturizer

The next step is to hydrate your skin with moisturization, which will help you maintain healthy and & supple skin. Do wait for a few minutes after you have applied the serum, following which you must apply a moisturizer as your next step in the skincare routine. Get yourself the moisturizer that suits your skin type. Massage the moisturizer onto your neck and face in gentle and circular motions to ensure your skin absorbs the formulation completely. 

Apply the Sunscreen

The final step in your morning skincare routine is applying sunscreen. This will protect your skin from the UC rays, which will prevent sunburns, ageing effects, and skin cancer issues. Go for a sunscreen product that comes with an SPF 30 or higher formulation. Do apply it generously around the exposed parts of your face and neck. 

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Night Skin Care Routine with a Face Toner

For the night skin care, you must follow a different array of steps which will be healing your skin from any impurities that your exposed skin has borne. The steps include:

Makeup Removal

Take off all your makeup traces by using a gentle product or cleansing oil, which will dissolve the dirt, pollutants, and makeup solutions. 


You must cleanse your skin at night time as well, using the same product or a different one that you used for the morning routine. Double cleansing is recommended if you have been using sunscreen multiple times or applying heavy makeup. 


Exfoliation is an important part of your night skincare routine, which will help remove dead skin cells, revealing a glowing and fresh complexion. Depending on the type of your skin, you can prefer using chemical and physical exfoliants at least twice a week. 


After exfoliation and cleansing, you must apply the O3+ face tonic at night as well for rebalancing the pH levels of the skin. Let the toner for dry skin or oily skin settle on your skin to ensure the formulation gets absorbed better. This process will tighten the pores and hydrate your skin. 

Apply serum

Serums can then be applied to target specific skin concerns right after you are done toning them. Spread the serum gently, just like you did in your morning routine. 

Night Cream

The final step in the night skincare routine is to apply a night cream for nourishing and replenishing the skin while you sleep overnight. Pick the best night cream from O3+, depending on your specific skin needs. 


This is the exact process that you must follow in order to add face tonic to your skincare routine for the morning as well as nighttime. At O3+, we have listed the best quality skin care products in our store for you to maintain your facial glow to the best of your potential. Do check out the store and get your preferred skin toner online that suits your skin type and concerns, alongside other products.
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