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Why Choose Ferulic Acid for your skin? How to Use Topical Ferulic Acid?

Why Choose Ferulic Acid for your skin? How to Use Topical Ferulic Acid?

Ferulic acid is an antioxidant, naturally found in cell wall of plants like rice, peanuts, fruit seeds, and it helps to protect and brighten the skin. It works very well with other antioxidants (like vitamin c). It stabilizes antioxidents such as highly oxidative vitamin c and together it works with all other ingredients in synergy to fight skin concerns such as finelines, uneven skin tone, early signs of ageing, pores and blemishes. Ferulic acid is known to be a star ingredient for solving a lot of indian skin concerns and brightening the wheatish indian tone.


Ferulic acid

What is Ferulic Acid?

Agelock Vitamin C Plus Ferulic

₹ 1,840

O3+ Agelock Vitamin C Plus Ferulic is a de-pigmentation, anti-blemish, and anti tan serum consisting of 10% vitamin C and 1 % ferulic acid that works on pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, deep tan and thicker textured skin.
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Benefits For The Skin

Uv and pollution have a huge impact on your skin that can leave you with fine lines and pigmentation. Ferulic acid is very well known in fighting anti-aging and uneven skin tone and works against these stressors as it can help you to even out skin tone and make the skin smoother. It also helps to protect the integrity and barrier of the skin and preserve its youthful appearance.

  • - It gives instant radiance on indian skin.
  • - Reduces uneven skin tone
  • - Minimise pores
  • - Smoothens & softens texture

How Does It Work?

Ferulic acid works as a healing and a protection cover for your skin. The skin gets regularly damaged by uv radiations, tobacco products, and processed foods by producing a molecule in our skin in an active state which continuously damages our skin cells, cause pigmentation and makes the skin age faster. Ferulic acid has the potential to stop that molecule to be produced and prevent the further damage to the skin.

How To Use?

It can be used as in the form of serums and creams for skin treatment and protect the skin from harmful radiations and pollution. Anyone can use it, if you have a sensitive skin then you should first have a patch try, it is considered as a safe active ingredient for a better and enhanced skin. Ferulic acid best coordinates with antioxidants like vitamin-c & by boosting and enhancing their qualities for double protection as well as for treatment. It is a must ingredient that everyone should have in their daily skin care regime. It can be used daily as it is a safe antioxidant. Smoother.

Who Should Use ?

Any one with dull, combination, wheatish skin tone, who is looking for a brighter, more radiant complexion. You can start using it as early as age 20

Why Choose Ferulic Acid For Your Skin

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